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The farm today

Our family's organic farm is located on the northern side of the island on the foothills of Karvounis in the village of Agios Dimitrios. It includes olive groves, vineyards, a  Citrus garden, orchards and fields  for growing vegetables and herbs.

The Filippis estate has been certified for organic farming by the DIO since 2010  – currently the only company in the North Aegean region not only for vineyards and olive groves, but also for fruit and vegetable cultivation.

The estate is now maintained by my in-laws Kostas and Astrid. They offer over 100 of their own organically grown products both in their picturesque farm shop and on the appreciated, traditional weekly trips to the market.

The estate also includes bee colonies, chickens, turkeys, cats and our beloved dog Leyla, who keeps an eye on everything. 

The history

Vassilios Filippis Sr., my husband's grandfather, laid the foundation stone for the farm.  

In the early 1950s, his parents gave him some small olive groves with throuba trees and a citrus orchard as a wedding present.

Since this was not enough to feed a family during the difficult post-war years, he decided to go to Australia as a guest worker for 5 years.

He started with the money he had earned there  to buy land on Samos. While  At that time mainly tobacco was grown, he was one of the first to plant vegetables and various fruit trees on Samos. He also planted vineyards and new olive groves with varieties such as the Koroneiko Olive, which had not previously existed on Samos. To do this, terraces often first had to be built on the slopes and natural stone walls erected. He also laboriously built cisterns by hand and dug wells to ensure the necessary water supply.


In 1970 he bought the property in Agios Dimitrios, on which stood a small stone hut that was converted into the current house, and an old barn that now houses the farm shop. After the takeover by my parents-in-law, further properties were added, as well as beekeeping and the entry into organic farming.

my motivation

Our motivation

My husband Vassilios was born on Samos. 14 years ago I set foot on Samian soil with him for the first time and got to know and love the island. Since then we have been there almost every year because otherwise something is simply missing - and it's not just us, Samos has many loyal fans who come back every year.

But what is it that makes this piece of earth so unique?  It is the untouched nature and the scenic diversity of the island.  Dense forests with pines, cypresses and plane trees, small streams and springs, olive groves, vineyards, high mountain ranges and beautiful beaches are united here.  But it is also the friendly, nature-loving islanders who preserve the original and unadulterated. 

W ho trust in the traditions of generations in crafts and agriculture . You can smell, taste and feel all this in everything that is produced on Samos - and  that won't let you go!

The best-known product is the world-famous sweet Muscat wine. It is only here that the sun makes grapes so sweet that a liqueur wine can be made from them. On Samos, however, there are many more excellent and sometimes unique products that are hardly known outside of the island. With our shop we would like to enable you to get to know them and try them out . And maybe one day you'd like to travel to the place where it all came from.

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