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6 bottles  ours  Premium olive oil at a bargain price!


Πετραιώνας means «eternal stone». It is the name of a region on the island of Samos, at the foot of the Karvouni Mountains, where our olive trees have thrived for centuries. Cared for over generations in loving and elaborate manual work, they give us a particularly high-quality olive oil. Its aroma contains the power of the stony soil, the sun of the Aegean and the scent of the many Samian herbs. A true elixir of life!


Our olive oil was awarded in 2020 with the  GREAT TASTE AWARD awarded:

“A nice clear, smooth, golden olive oil with a good grassy, fruity aroma. The texture was smooth, creamy and buttery. The initial taste was fresh and fruity, then sharp with a peppery finish”.

6x Petreonas Olive Oil BIO Extra Virgin 750ml

€84.00 Regular Price
€73.92Sale Price

Manufacturer: Filippis family

Origin: Samos, Greece

Varieties: Koroneïko and Throuba (Samiotic urolive)

Character:  bitter-fruity

Quality: extra virgin, cold pressed

Cultivation:  GR-BIO 001,  Sustainable biological-ecological agriculture

Harvest: Traditional,  by hand

Application: Perfect for both hot and cold  cold dishes. Thanks to its high heat resistance, it is also ideal for roasting vegetables, meat and fish.

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