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Samian mountain tea is one of 17 mountain tea varieties that thrive in Greece. On Samos it grows in the Karvouni mountains at an altitude of over 900 m. He loves the sun and stony, barren soil.

Since the mountain tea contains neither theine nor caffeine, it can be drunk by the whole family.


Also cold with a little honey and a squeeze of lemon it is a great way to cool down on hot days.

Iron, zinc, essential oils, antioxidants and enzymes make the Samian mountain tea a good companion to keep body and mind fit and healthy.


Mountain tea should be avoided during pregnancy!

Mountain tea ORGANIC


Manufacturer: Klironomou family

Origin: Samos, Greece

Net weight: 25g

Varieties: Sideritis syriana (cultivated)

Character:  lemony note, slightly sweet

Cultivation:  GR-BIO 001,  Sustainable biological-ecological agriculture

Harvest: Traditional,  by hand

Properties:  Among other things, the mountain tea relieves colds, has an effect on inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract and strengthens the immune system.

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