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One of the most sensitive and vulnerable areas of Greek folk art, painting, is the source of Nikitas Kyparisis' creative activity.


The term folk painting is used for a painting technique that is very closely related to the artistic traditions and everyday life of the people  connected to Greeks. Mainly large wooden chests were painted and decorated. For many centuries they were the only piece of storage furniture in every Greek household. All of the family's valuables were kept there. The wooden chests were  closely linked to many events of daily life in the house, but also to the adventures of travellers, sailors and itinerant merchants. But more than anything else, such a wooden chest contained the dreams and thoughts of all the young girls whose prepared dowry was collected there. The meaning  of the wooden chests for the people also appears in their adornments reflecting the worship and belief of the people in the secret powers they attributed to the chests that were so intimately connected to all events in the cycle of life.


Nikita's paintings are replicas  such a decorated wooden chest. All panels are hand-painted with acrylic paints from grafistico and vitex, as well as ecological varnish and transparent acrylic paint.

Nikita's Flowers No.1


Artist: Nikitas Kyparisis

Origin: Samos, Greece

Production: with  Acrylics,  hand-painted driftwood

Dimensions: approx. 15x20cm

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