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Tsakistes means "opened", because our organic Manaki olives are harvested green and then individually  pitched and to  cracked open. This will debitter the olives faster. After a month in sea brine, they are pickled with lemon juice, garlic and various herbs, making them a particularly tasty and flavorful snack.


Contents: Manaki olives*, extra virgin olive oil*, lemon juice*, sea salt, water, oregano*, marjoram*, mint*, basil*, vinegar tree fruit*, garlic*. (* organically grown)

"Tsakistes" flavored olives BIO

6,50 €Price

Manufacturer: Filippis family

Origin: Samos, Greece

Total weight: 360g (drained weight: 220g)

Variety: Manaki, unmixed 

Character: The olive is characterized by its particularly fruity and mild taste. When pickled, a strong, spicy, slightly bitter taste develops  The taste.

Cultivation:  GR-BIO 001,  Sustainable biological-ecological agriculture

Manufacturing: Traditional,  harvested and pickled by hand

Use: as tapas, when cooking or to garnish salads.  After opening, keep in the refrigerator and consume within 14 days

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